some good sites

some of my favorite sites, more to be added.


NSFW. my favorite website of all time, ive read through every article countless times. filled with gross and weird (mostly gross) articles, news, etc.

geocities archive

best archive of geocities ive seen. sweet, sweet nostalgia!


a site with character makers created by artists! my favorite character maker of all time.


a site with pretty much every music genre. interactive and searchable, nice for finding new genres.


1998 site dedicated to the dumbasses of the internet.

music map

enter a music artist and get a map of similar artists. this and everynoise should have your music needs covered.


i used to use this site a ton in 2012, i still have the pages my old friends wrote on. write on the home page (if you have no friends) or make your own page (if you have friends). speaking of, here's my page!


SUPERBAD! a fun site to play around on, recently got an update.


recieve and send random messages out into cyberspace.

last words

a list of all criminals executed in texas, info on their crimes, and their last words.

list of proven conspiracies

exactly what it sounds like.