MY FAVORITE THING I OWN! my precious rainbow keyboard. i love it so, so, so, so , so, soooo much. i got it for a disgustingly cheap price and i couldnt be happier. what a steal!
this i actually plan to update later to be more interactive. but, also, i do fuck my computer up a lot. so this screen is actually pretty accurate. the face im making also fits, i look like a character straight out of the office.
the one and only social recluse herself. i spend a lot of my time blasting industrial music, coding, playing counterstrike, and watching horror movies. im currently in college and aiming for a bachelor's in accounting.
my bulletin board is covered in sticky notes with doodles and important reminders on them, im an organized scatterbrain. when college rolls back around this board is gonna be absolutely covered in these things, i seriously don't envy future me.
im a simple woman. i love girls, and i love boobs. i plan on eventually getting 2 anime-styled night of the living dead posters put up. i know i know, ive got great taste.
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song: move any mountain

artist: the shamen