June 14th 2019
drew some things this morning! i had to size them down so they'd fit in the journal, but if you want to see them here's #1 and here's #2! also, finally figured out how to put my journals into tabs, so happy about that. i wanted to do it like that from the beginning, but i didn't understand how it worked and gave up lol. but here they are now!!! im really happy with everything ive done so far. if youd of told me a year ago id have a site like this, id laugh.


this journal's not out yet! keeping this here for my own reference

June 13th 2019
lots of updates today!!! i felt really productive, so i finished this new journal page AND my new about page. please note though that my about page isn't 100% finished code-wise, but appearance wise it is! hover over everything and hit the radio to your heart's content. it feels nice to be productive again, even if it's just with something like neocities. hope you all are also doing alright!